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Anhui Tiger Magnetics always improves and documents service quality to provide the best products. ISO9001, CE, UL, RoHS.

Robotic Production

We provide the best product with our automatic production lines for low error rate, fast production and first-class end product.

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We provide the best price with our large stock of raw materials, good communication with suppliers and our high purchasing potential.

Anhui Tiger Magnetics Co.

Anhui Tiger Magnetics is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and manufacture of standard and customized transformers, inductors and related components which are widely used in power supply, electrical appliances and other products.

Tiger has more than 15 years experience in design, production and sales. Tiger implements ERP system management, sets up long term business relationship with lots of professional customers all over the world and has high visibility and influence in the field.

Magnetic Product Solutions for Power Integration SMPS Controllers

Magnetics product solutions for Power Integration SMPS controller ICs such as HF Transformers, Inductors, Filters, sensors etc...

We know very well POWER INTEGRATION solutions and we offer all magnetic products for POWER INTEGRATION ICs such as High Frequency Power Transformers, Inductors, EMI Filters etc. Just request your magnetics products for your design, we'll give you a best support within good price and best quality.

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Encapsulated Power Transformer

Thin Steel Stack Core Power transformer encapsulated in a UL94V-0 plastic case. PCB Mount.

High Frequency Power Transformer

Power transformer with a MnZn Ferrite Core for Power SMPS Application (Flyback Transformer).

Low Frequency Power Transformer

Thin Steel Stack Core Power transformer non-capsulated. PCB/Cable Mount.

Toroidal Power Transformer

Power Transformer for HiFi Application winding on a MnZn Ferrite Core.

SMD Power Inductor/Choke

SMD Power Inductors and Power Chokes, Encapsulated & Standard option

TH Power Inductor/Choke

Through Hole Power Inductors and Power Chokes, Encapsulated & Standard option

AC Current Transformers

Current measuring sensor like a transformer only have primary section.

Planar Power Transformer

MnZn Ferrite Core Transformer with PCB Stack winding for special application.

Toroidal Power Inductors

Power inductor on a toroidal core with or w/o base mount.

LAN Transformers

LAN Filtering transformer with multiple toroidal filter.

RF Transformers

With a balun ferrite core noise filter for RF Signal Application.

Molding Power Inductors

An inductor in a MnZn Mold for excellent insulation.

D-Class Amplifier Inductors

D-Class HiFi Amplifier Output inductor with high current and shielded.

High Current Inductors

DC-DC Converter inductor with high current and shielded.

EMI RFI Noise Suppressors

Noise suppressor in cable clip ferrite core and common mode form.

DC-DC & AC-DC Converter

Isolation and conversion module with magnetic core transformer for high reliability.

PV Inverter Inductors

Common Mode Chokes, Reactors, EMI Filters.

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