About Anhui Tiger Magnetics

Anhui Tiger Magnetics is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and manufacture of standard and customized transformers, inductors and related components which are widely used in power supply, electrical appliances and other products.

Tiger Power!

Anhui Tiger Magnetics is a production company established in 2000, specializing in electronic wire wound elements like inductors, transformers and filters. Anhui Tiger Magnetics aims to offer the best quality in the fastest and most budget way.

With more than 300 employees, Anhui Tiger aims to provide you with the highest quality service. Tiger constantly diversifies products and targets the best result for your application.

Tiger has an efficient and understanding marketing team. It guides you to the product you need in the most accurate way. Tiger has a factory in Anhui region equipped with high-tech production and testing equipment. The Tiger production facility is equipped with high speed winding machines, welding machines, filling machines and coding machines. It aims to be the right partner to meet all the needs of your company. Tiger increases its global recognition every day and adds new ones to its satisfied customers.

Why us?

Strict ERP

With the ERP system, many jobs such as all your products, approved samples, past orders, delivery times, material stocks and workmanship are followed in a highly disciplined and strict manner.

Best Price&Quality

Tiger aims to offer the best at the most affordable price. Therefore, it keeps a large stock of materials and aims for the best performance with the best quality raw material.

Powerfull R&D

Tiger aims to improve your existing product with its talented and experienced R&D personnel and to develop more budget solutions with higher performance.

Fast Delivery

Tiger wants to offer the best logistics and supply quality with one-stop management. It guarantees the fastest and safest delivery thanks to its close relationships with its logistics partners for many years.

Excellent material diversity!

We use many different brands to ensure reach the quality you've desired.
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Approved Products

Anhui Tiger always works to improve the quality of production and management. It aims at the best performance to document product and service quality.It aims at the best performance to document product and service quality.

Global Network

Anhui Tiger aims to offer the best not only in its own market but also in the international market. It aims to cover a wide market as possible.

Address : E13, Star Park Enterprises Zone, No.198, Ming Zhu Avenue, High-tech Zone, Hefei, 230088, China
Pho : 86-18654187233
Email : sales@tigermagnetics.com

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