Anhui Tiger Co Ltd has a wide range of products to meet many different applications. We wanted to present some of our current projects and application examples to your interest. We would like to offer the best product for your innovative projects.


Energy Meters were working with capacitor power supply in the first use. Capacitor power supplies are now leaving their place to SMPS and Power Transformers due to inefficiencies and problematic issues. We desire to provide you the most suitable quality at the cheapest price.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply contains many different type of Ferrite Transformes like EE Core and Toroidal Filters. Anhui Tiger provide many different type of UPS tranfsormers for UPS manufacturer..

LED Lighting Application

LED Lighting Applications are required High Qualified and Low Cost Power Solutions. Anhui Tiger is a Highly experienced Manufacturer about LED Lighting power solutions.

Welding Machine Applications

A welding power supply is a device that provides an electric current to perform welding. Anhui Tiger produce powerfull transformer solutions for welding application.

PV Inverter Potting Inductor (AKA Choke or Reactor)

In a photovoltaic inverter, there are usually 3 kinds of inductors, ac-dc common-mode inductor, booster inductor and filter inductor.

Combi Boiler Applications

Combustible Gas & Electric Combi Boilers are very popular heating elements for residential use. Boilers include many peripherals like igniter, thermostat, fan control, etc. Anhui Tiger develops magnetic products for Power controllers, ignition units and safety units applications.

Electric Motors EMI Capacitor Choke Filter Applications

Motor Electromagnetic Interferences and noises are really big issue for driver applications. Anhui Tiger offers Power Chokes for reducing electromagnetic interfrence properly.

EV Chargers

Electric Vehicles Chargers transform grid power to small battery charging current. Anhui Tiger are very experienced about EV Charger industry.

Capacitor & Power Choke EMI Noise Filter Applications

Filtering noise and electromagnetic interference from electrical networks, power circuits, magnetic contactors and many other peripherals is an important issue. Anhui Tiger supply the best solution for EMI filter applications.

HVAC Applications

HVAC Applications (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) contains many different control units for indoor air conditioning. Anhui Tiger provides HF transformer and EMI filter solutions for effective communication between these units and interference removal.

Dishwasher Applications

Dishwashers needs low voltage power source for operating programs and executing functions. Anhui Tiger supply power reduction and noise filtering with high qualified magnetic products.

Washing Machine Applications

Washing Machine needs low voltage power source for operating programs and executing functions. Anhui Tiger supply power reduction and noise filtering with high qualified magnetic products.

Refrigerator Applications

Old refrigerators included simple control thermostats, and their structure was quite primitive and simple. Fridges have more functions now. And now it needs more stable, reliable and energy-efficient power supplies. Contact us to benefit from the Tiger experience in refrigerator power units.

Air Conditioner Applications

Air conditioners need precise temperature control and regulated power supplies for high current driver circuits. Anhui Tiger offers the best quality product for the best solution.

Burglar & Fire Alarm Applications

Burglar & Fire Alarm are security elements that include central control units, logic operations, protection circuits and charging units. Anhui Tiger offers reliable power solutions with good price.

Automation & Industrial Control Applications

Automation Control Units and Industrial Control Devices need power regulation because they work in harsh environments. Anhui Tiger HF transformers are the best solution for DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Converters..

Weight Scale Applications

Weighing devices need sensitive regulators. Stable power supplies are essential to avoid deviations in the digital transformation of analog signals from Wheatstone Bridge.

Lift Applications

Elevator systems include high security CAN protocols and emergency units. The power requirements of these vital applications are critical. Anhui Tiger develops the best solution for you.

Coffee & Espresso Machine Applications

Coffee & Espresso machines need smart circuits to control different programming options and peripherals. Power transducers and filters for the noise of peripherals are essential for these giants' feeding solutions.

Computer Power Applications

Computers need precision power source to operate high amount of calculation. Anhui Tiger Offers HF Transformers and EMI filter Chokes for computer power supply applications.

Multimedia Device Applications

Anhui Tiger offers power transformers and filters for voltage reduction. HiFi Amplifier, DVD, BlueRay Media Players, STB, TV sets and many other Home appliances device using low voltage and needs precision power source.

TV Applications

You can supply all the HF and LF transformers and filters you need for controllers, Backlight and other power requirements for TV Application from Anhui Tiger at the most affordable prices.

Office Machine Applications

Office Equipment is an auxiliary equipment that includes many mechanical, electronic and electromechanical units. Anhui Tiger is committed to providing the best solution for the healthy and strong communication of the units.

IoT(Internet of Things) Applications

SMPS Transformers for your high ammount IoT Application. Anhui Tiger produce Low Cost High Reliability SMPS Transformers for IoT Sensor and Switch applications.

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